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Dental x-ray



How do I get started with MM Dental Labs?

Just email us via

Or fill out the contact us form and we’ll send you a starter kit that includes everything you will need to send us your cases.


Need to get started right away? You can download printable versions of our RX form.

Simply fill out your RX form, keep a copy for your records and include a copy with your case and ship to MM Dental Labs. Then, email us via

to schedule a pickup.

Phone: (949)861-3398​

How can I order Shipping supplies?

MM Dental Labs provides you with pre-printed shipping labels to make it easy for you to ship your cases. To order shipping supplies, email us.

How do I schedule a pickup?

For standard shipments, please email us via

to schedule a pickup.

Phone: (949)861-3398​

When will I receive my case?

At MM Dental Labs, we understand that case turnaround time drives patient scheduling in your practice.

We schedule turnaround times 7 to 10 days (Days Inlab), but if we can deliver it earlier, we will contact you promptly. Weekends & holidays excluded.

Working times are not guaranteed. Additional time may be required to order parts, case delivery delay, technician for case questions and incomplete information provided.

What is your remake policy?

The cost for fabricating custom made dental appliances cannot be refunded. A credit may be issued by MM Dental directly to a customer’s account when cases do not meet MM Dental's exceptional standards for quality, function and aesthetics.


For eligible remakes within 30 days but without the original case, MM Dental shall remake these cases at 100% of the retail price of the restoration at the time the request is made. If the original model and dental restoration are returned within 60 days from the original invoice date, MM Dental will issue a 100% credit to the customer’s account. Any credit balance on a MM Dental account must be used for lab services within 60 days from the date of issue or it expires.


All remakes will be at no charge if received within 30 days of the invoice date except under the following circumstances:


1. MM Dental inquired about the die, margin or impression. However, the customer approved and requested completion of the case.


2. MM Dental requested a different stage but the customer declined & asked for original order. No remake nor warranty applies unless case was fabricated together with a wax try-in.


3. The teeth are re-prepared.


4. There is a shade change different from the original request.


5. The partial denture fits the master cast.


Please contact MM Dental Labs via

for any case-specific issues.


2151 Michelson Dr., Suite 138
Irvine CA 92612
Phone: (949)861-3398​

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