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Send Us Your Digital Scans

Our state-of-the-art laboratory utilizes cutting edge dental imaging and manufacturing technology.

If you have a scanner, we support it! We make it easy for you to send your digital files. 

MM Dental Labs accepts all files from any open system (STL Export Only)

Send to Email:

How to Send a Digital Scan Data

Once a clinician has captured an impression with their scanning unit, the data can be transferred to MM Dental Lab. For systems that utilize proprietary connection portals, the data is sent to MM Dental Lab through the approved, established connection as shown in the respective system’s manual. 

We welcome files form any open system (.STL export) and all of the following: 

  • 3 Shape TRIOS

  • 3 M True Definition


  • Carestream

  • Planmeca

  • iTero (iTero Registration # is 103946 )

  • STL export

Please send us your STL digital file to


1. Less chair time for patients.

2. Improves impression quality, resulting in precision fitting restorations.

3. Reduces impression taking errors and consequently fewer remakes.

4. Turnaround times may be faster because the digital file is instantly sent to the dental lab.

5. Pleasant for patients who struggle with conventional impressions, especially for people with strong gag reflexes, anxiety or fears when receiving dental treatment.

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