MM Dental Labs accepts all files from any open system (STL Export Only)

How to Send a Digital Scan Data

Here at MM Dental Labs, we don’t leave things up to chance. Our culture of innovation drives us to utilize only the best in dental technology. We welcome STL files from any open system. Please send us your STL digital file to

We also accept the digital file that is going to be sent via iTero. Our iTero Registration # is 103946.


1. Send STL File to
We start working on aligner once we received the scan data of the oral cavity or done 3D scanning according to the dental model.

2. Install 3shape Ortho Viewer
We use 3Shape Ortho Viewer to locate the teeth. It makes the analyzing simulation after post-op more in detail and helps ensure accurate the result. To install 3Shape Otho Viewer please click here.

3. Receive Digital Setup Model Data from MM Dental Lab (3 days)

4. Approve the Design for Digital Model

5. Receive a Physical Product from MM Dental Lab (5~7 days)

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